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Laser Surgery

An Introduction to Laser Surgery

How great it would be if we had beautiful healthy-looking skin all of our lives? Unfortunately, the effects of sun and wind, heredity, along with the natural process of aging and skin type takes its toll. There is help! Dr. Donn Chatham, Medical Director of Chatham Facial Plastic Surgery & Medical Skin Care offers a variety of laser and light-source treatment options to men and women desiring to improve the overall health and vibrance of their skin.

Laser Surgery Services


Diolite & Varilight Lasers

The Diolite 532 and Varilight 532 & 940 use a 1mm beam to target small red capillaries and brown lesions such as freckles, lentigos, benign nevi (moles) and other unwanted benign pigmented lesions. Vessels shrink instantly while pigmented areas become darker for a few days before being exfoliated. Discomfort is mild. This is safe for almost any part of the body.

Pro-Lite Intense Pulsed Light

The Prolite IPL produces a larger spot (12 x 6 mm) of energy (light & heat) to help improve color, pores, and is a good rosacea treatment. It produces more heat than the Diolite and covers larger areas in a shorter time. Skin improves color and vitality after a series of 3 to 5 sessions.

Prolite Pulsed Laser
Fractional Resurfacing

Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing Therapy

Our fractional laser creates many tiny beams of energy that vaporize the skin surface using many very tiny (1mm) spots. Topical anesthetic cream helps the discomfort of this slightly more ablative laser treatment. Most patients expect 4 days of downtime afterwards and usually skin is pink, like a mild sunburn, by day 5 in most people. This stimulates new cells of skin to grow, leading to improved texture and color. Recommended treatment session for optimal results are 2 or 3 sessions.