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Dr. Donn Chatham Giving Back

Dr. Chatham has always felt it was important not only to use his talents to enhance the beauty of others but also help those that are not as fortunate or have medical needs that are not easily handled in the area in which the individuals live.

This January, Dr. Chatham along with a group of surgeons from Louisville, KY traveled to Ecuador. They were working with a group called “Healing the Children.” During their travel they held clinics and operated in public hospitals in Manta. The surgeries were multi-specialty and included facial deformities,

Like many countries in South America there is much poverty yet much beauty.

Dr. Chatham indicated that the people were very gracious and hospitable and the parents of the children were very appreciative of the work that was being done.

However, Dr. Chatham was quoted as saying, “my Spanish needs a little work. However Mission trips like this always help me to appreciate what we often take for granted here in the U.S.”

Saving Face Program

“Saving Face” is the name we give to our efforts to assist our patients in protecting, improving and reclaiming the health and beauty of their faces.

Each of us is born with a beautiful God-given face with smooth luminous and bright and perfect skin. Over time our faces change. Not only time and genetics take their toll but environmental factors such as excessive sun, cigarette smoke, stress, acne, poor nutrition and other factors begin to take their toll. Add gravity and the physicality of living life, and each year can bring more unwanted changes.

We emphasize the importance of basic health habits first of all: proper diet, regular activity, adequate sleep, the value of family and friendships, a spiritual belief, and other core values that make living positive. Then since everyone has skin, the appearance and health must be valued.

Skin Care

This begins with adequate protection from excessive sun (or tanning bed rays). We emphasize the importance of daily skin maintenance. Using a couple of properly selected topical skin care products, one in the A.M. and another in the P.M., is important, just like eating your fruits and vegetables. While there are many “fluffy” but ineffectual skin products advertised everywhere, our focus remains on recommending only high quality medical grade products that are based on science and results.

Our aesthetician, Tara, is knowledgeable about skin, and skin care products. Many of our patients benefit from a session with her, and this may include a therapeutic facial. We utilize both a water- based SkinMaster ultrasonic system, combined with light peeling agents specifically selected for your skin. Or we may use the MultiDerm™ exfoliating system uses mechanical energy and gentle paddles to smooth and exfoliate skin prior to the topical peels. These facials are custom designed for each individual patient, whether the need is for increased hydration, improvement of acne prone skin, lightening of discoloration or removal of thickened rough skin. These are brisk but pleasing and no downtime is required following a therapeutic facial.


Facial Plastic Surgery Group Launches ‘Faces of Honor’ Program to Aid War. Click HERE to download the AAFPRS article.


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